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The Royal Epic Failure Summit

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Fail fast. Fail better. Fail often.

We’ve all heard it before, right? It’s always some variation of the following:

"In my life-coaching work, I've noticed that the biggest difference between wildly successful people and total failures is that the successful people fail more."
-Martha Beck

But failure is a lot easier said than done.

Because let’s get real... 

Nobody wants to look incompetent or have their hard work go to shit. And none of us, as far as I can tell, wants to give any more ammunition to the inner critic who jumps at the chance to say, “See? You were never cut out for this in the first place!”

Successful people fail more, they say.... 

But all we see is the opposite of failure: the book deal, the six-figure launch, the weight loss.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of just seeing the end result.

All that sparkle makes me feel even less willing to let myself fail.


The gurus preach failure AND YET nobody talks openly about it!

Religion. Politics. Abortion... FAILURE.

Maybe it’s just another topic we should avoid around the dinner table?


The Royal Epic Failure Summit brings together 13 experts who promise to get real, get vulnerable and tell the truth about their fails, how they coped and what they did to turn the setbacks into success ALL so that we can replicate their results in our own lives.

Hi, I’m Amy. 

Life Coach. Writer. Mom. Vegetable Grower.

And now your host into this failure deep dive.

Amy Pearson 2

I believe it’s high time we started talking openly about failure. The royal epic fails. And the everyday little tiny ones.

I want the inside scoop and I have a feeling you might too.

I get it, success is relative. But I want to know…

Are people who achieve big things really failing faster, better and often? Or are they just better than the rest of us?

(Nah people, stop that!)

Let’s see who’s game to get real.
Let’s see who’s game to get vulnerable.
Let’s see who’s game to TELL THE TRUTH. 

If failure really is the ticket...

→ How are these experts coping with it?
→ What do they do?
→ How do they think?
→ How are they really channeling these failures into a viable success strategy?
And how can the rest of us become
just as resilient, gritty, and UNSTOPPABLE?

Think of this event as your FAILURE MASTERMIND.

Get the strategies to overcome your fear of failure. And not only that, get the playbook from success experts to turn tiny fails and royal epic ones into a viable, repeatable success strategy.

Because you might suspect that these “experts” have some magic juju that you don’t, but I’m here to guarantee you that they are no different from you except

They. Know. How. To. Fail. And because they know how to fail, they have the grit, the resilience, and what it takes to be unstoppable.


Amanda Gibby Peters

Amy Pearson

Amy Pearson (8)

Andrea Owen


Angela Lauria

Danielle Savory (1)

Desha Peacock

Jill Hope Headshot

Jill Hope (3)

Kanesha Baynard (4)

Lisa Smith


Robin Young

Sarah Seidelmann Headshot

Sarah Seidelmann (5)

Sunny McMillan


Susan Hyatt

The Royal Epic Failure Summit will teach you...

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  • How to overcome your fear of failure
  • How to cope with tiny fails and royal epic ones
  • How to turn failure into a viable, repeatable success strategy
  • How to be gritty, resilient and UNSTOPPABLE
  • How to be unstoppable in uncertain times
    (AKA, what the hell does Covid-19 have to do with all this?!)

PLUS, you’re going to hear some serious insider shite that very few of these peeps have shared openly before.

During this FREE series, you’ll get…

⭐️ Exclusive access to 12 interviews with expert panelists

⭐️ Private Facebook Community to continue the conversation (with fun challenges and prizes -- woot!)

⭐️ Daily Facebook LIVE Q + A sessions with your host -- that’s me

⭐️ The chance to win prizes to make your fails fast, fun and furious (think free coaching, my favorite books, Amazon gift cards and coffee, coffee, coffee)

When you register for the Royal Epic Failure Summit, you’ll get FREE access to the interviews from June 1st through June 6th to listen, learn and connect.

Are you ready to learn how to fail faster, better and often?

Are you ready to learn repeatable strategies to leverage failure to amp up your success?

Get resilient. Get gritty. Become UNSTOPPABLE?
I thought so.



I’m a master certified life coach, a coach trainer and an aspiring New York Times bestselling author who helps women on a mission find their tribe, make great money and find their thing by being real.

I make the world a better place by telling the public. No apologies.

I believe the less I hide, the less you hide. And all of this un-hiding makes the world a better place.

Now more than ever the world needs ALL HANDS ON DECK. 

My ultimate goal is that each of these interviews will help you get a little braver, be a little more resilient, and A LOT more willing to go for it.

I want you to get that these speakers don’t have some kind of magic juju that you don’t. They’re just willing to let themselves fail.

I want YOU to be unstoppable.

Failure IS an option.

REGISTER TODAY and get exclusive and FREE access to the inside scoop on failure, how the experts do it, how they bounce back and how they turn those setbacks into rocket fuel.